1 December 2010 | 2010

LunaJets announces exclusive partnership with the CIC

Geneva, Wednesday 1st December 2010 – LunaJets, the low-cost charter broker, is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with the CIC, the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation.

LunaJets is a Geneva-based charter broker, offering best prices on VIP charter flights. LunaJets also offers their clients the opportunity to fly on partner operators’ empty legs, as advertised on lunajets.com. The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC), is an NGO, which promotes, on a global scale, sustainable hunting as a tool for conservation while building on valued traditions. As CIC members often travel to rural destinations, poorly serviced by commercial aviation, this new partnership now offers them exclusive access to a fast and efficient charter broker that sources the best value-for-money flight solutions on aircraft of all sizes, at anytime and anywhere in the world, even within a 2h-notice.

As well as on-demand charter, LunaJets uses empty leg flights and negotiated preferential rates with operators, to offer the best prices to their clients. Clients save between 10% and 80% compared to 25-hour membership cards and fractional ownership programs. With LunaJets there is no upfront payment. No long-term contract. No monthly bills. No fuel surcharges.

“What is absolutely unique and original is that LunaJets will automatically make a donation to the CIC for each flight booked with LunaJets by CIC Members” confirms Eymeric Segard, LunaJets CEO. “Regular funding for NGO’s is always a challenge, and this partnership is beneficial to all parties involved, especially the passengers, the CIC, and the eco-systems they protect”.

LunaJets only selects recent, insured, certified and maintained aircraft, with fully qualified crews. LunaJets will also become the exclusive partner for private plane transportation to and from the CIC’s annual General Assemblies. “This involves airliners of different sizes (20 to 100 passengers), as up to 500 members can attend the 3-day events, flying in from many worldwide capitals” explains Segard.



Eymeric Segard, CEO, LunaJets SA, Geneva, Switzerland (available at MEBA 7-8th Dec)

tel +41 844 041 844 mob +41 79 261 2525

email esegard@lunajets.com

CIC - International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation Administrative Office P.O. Box 82, H-2092 Budakeszi, Hungary

tel +36 23 453 830 email office@cic-wildlife.org web www.cic-wildlife.org

LunaJets SA


LunaJets is a charter broker, established since 2007, with an international clientele benefiting from their excellence in service, and the best prices for each requested flight. As well as guaranteed on demand charters, LunaJets also offers the opportunity to fly on business jet empty legs at a fraction of the price – discounts of 50% to 80%. Empty Legs are private jets that fly empty when returning home. LunaJets negotiates with over 300 carefully selected jet operators who meet strict safety criteria, to allow clients to “jump” on these flights, and enjoy all the luxury and convenience of private jet flying. LunaJets is a partner to help their clients find the best jets at the best price. No upfront deposit. No fuel surcharges. No minimum notice. No long-term commitment.

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