14 October 2008 | 2008

lonely planet : Gutterboy flies to Swanksville

When you're wedged in economy and the person in front of you has jacked their seat back so far you can smell their shampoo, all you can think is 'let me get reborn as a millionaire with a private jet and get me the hell outta here'. Those luxury-scented daydreams might not be as out of reach as you think - thanks to Geneva-based LunaJets. Many swanky private jets are stone-cold empty on the return leg after depositing their cashed-up clients at their chosen point.

LunaJets works with private jet operators throughout Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the USA to maintain a database of flights that you can get on for a fraction of the real cost. You can book a single seat or you can book a whole cabin - now there's travel worth frocking up for.