26 June 2008 | 2008

Empty leg flights filling up

Following their launch at Ebace 2008 last month, LunaJets has had a winning start during the month of June and as the summer seasons takes off.  LunaJets is the first website entirely targeted at passengers where they can view a list of empty leg flights and purchase them at substantially reduced prices.

“Many operators have signed up with us since Ebace” says the LunaJets CEO, Eymeric Segard “They are posting their empty legs on our site and happy to take in the additional revenue.  Similarly our marketing efforts off and online have started to bring members to our site, who appreciate the variety and quantity of flights, the simple 3-click online booking procedure and the opportunity to fly on comfortable and safe aircrafts at never seen before prices.”

Initial empty legs flights have been sold for both business and leisure trips, on both short and long haul flights.   However there is more demand from members for flights than supply of empty legs from operators.  LunaJets is actively trying to fill the gap by recruiting new operators.  Members also ask LunaJets to provide them with the best quotes for on demand customized flights, which LunaJets obtain by asking all the partner operators.

Continuing with the objective of making the business aviation industry more accessible to more passengers,

LunaJets will be launching next month a Jet Share forum, where registered members can group together to pay for a customized flight.  “Our members are asking for this service as some itineraries are not served regularly enough and they are looking for the certainty of customized flights” says Segard.

Examples of prices include, per seat: London-Paris €890, London-Geneva €990, or for the whole cabin: London-Moscow €12,500, Geneva-New York €30,000.