25 May 2012 | 2012

L'aviation d'affaires, parée au décollage ?

At the beginning of last year, we caught glimpses of signs of recovery but the degradation of the global economy and the introduction of new taxes have pushed these expectations to the end of 2012. Will the aviation business continue to stagnate? Not at all! Even if some preventive measures have been taken, manufacturers are betting today on emerging markets in Asia and India, while continuing to develop tomorrow's products. Separately, operators learn to diversify to better stand out. New companies launch innovative concepts, such as the personalisation before each flight of the cabin, and such as LunaJets, the brokerage company significantly decreasing the prices of ad-hoc charter. Enough to satisfy new expectations of an increasingly diverse and demanding clientele. Here is a review of a tumultuous year for business aviation and future prospects looming on the horizon.