18 April 2018 | LunaJets recommendations

4 Tips to Charter a Private Jet

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Whether you're about to hire a private jet for the first time or interested in optimizing the way you book your trips, these 4 tips will help you put all the odds on your side in the quest to charter the right private jet.

1. Look for a balanced blend of technology & human expertise


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When it comes to private aviation, technology and automation are simply not enough. The computer programs of numerous companies allow clients to search for available aircraft and receive an estimated price for the selected flight. However, some tasks are too complex to be automated; without the help of skilful aviation specialists, the price estimation is often incorrect as machines oversee several important variables. Even worst, the trip quoted could actually, technically, not be operated at all. 
By accurately examining all logistical aspects, LunaJets’ experts are able to guide you through each step of the way towards selecting the ideal private aircraft, at the best price and without hidden or extra costs. Our website and mobile app allow visitors to access a vast network, brimming with smart deals and private jet charter options shortlisted by our specialists. At the touch of a button, you can now finalise your booking by signing all necessary documents instantly, on your smartphone. 
For optimal private jet travel, look for LunaJets’ recipe: innovative technology backed by highly-trained people. A powerful combination that no machine has been able to beat, yet.

2. Select the most suitable aircraft for the occasion 

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Looking for a private jet charter flight can be overwhelming due to the plethora of aircraft charters available today. LunaJets helps narrow down your choices: our advisors efficiently assist you in finding the right private jet for your flight. 
Every trip is unique with its specific purpose, exigencies, passengers, pets or valuable objects, destination, airport characteristics, dates and special events. In order to match your needs, we carefully select the most relevant options among the 4800 aircraft at our disposal.
Every detail of your private flight is tailored to you. Our private aviation experts offer a personalized service refining the range of possibilities in accordance with your trip’s criteria, such as the flight time or the luggage space you need. 


3. Let the experts do the job for you


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Finding the private jet charter flight that suits you, at the best price on the market, isn’t easy. Unless you trust our experts with it. Our mission is to source the most time-saving and cost-efficient solution for you to fly private.
We use our market knowledge to do so, as well as our large network of aircraft and extensive experience in negotiating with third parties. Negotiations with our partners, airports, operators and governmental agencies issuing the necessary permits are key to providing our clients with the best possible options for their journey.  

4. Consider all available options 


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When you look for a private jet charter flight, you might have a specific route or airport in mind. However, that might not be the best available way for you to reach your destination. An advisor can bring to light further options you had not considered before.
Smaller airports, for example, represent a great alternative to crowded international airports, allowing for smoother VIP departures and arrivals, away from long queues and excessive traffic. Sometimes, they are also conveniently located, closer to your home or hotel. Also, if you are flexible with your travelling date and time we source empty leg and re-routed empty leg flights, which can be up to 75% cheaper than your ‘standard’ private jet charter flight.
In other words: save time, travel hassle-free and book the best deals with LunaJets.
It would be our pleasure to simplify the search and booking process for your next private jet charter flight. Our private aviation advisory team is reachable 24/7 and ready to answer any questions you might have.
Get in touch with us at lunajets@lunajets.com or call +41 844 041 844 for your private flight at the best price.