25 Aug 2019

Charter a private jet for your leisure flights

Private aviation is a fast and comfortable way to travel for your holidays or weekend gateways. LunaJets’ team of Private Aviation Advisors is on hand 24/7 to source the best private planes, from Very Light Jets to Super Large Jets and arrange your private jet charter at the best price on the market.

1. Avoid airport crowds

Business aviation has access to dedicated business jet terminals in most airports. While commercial airlines passengers have to face long waiting time, especially during winter season or summer holidays, business aviation clients can benefit from a seamless travel experience. No check-in lines, fast security controls and customs procedures from your arrival to the private aviation terminal to your boarding, it’s only a matter of minutes. Renting a private plane with LunaJets makes your travel experience more relaxing and comfortable. Get in touch with our team of Private Aviation Advisors, available 24/7 to get a quote for your aircraft charter.

2. Comfortable on-board experience

Private jet travel is already part of the vacation, your holidays begin when you arrive at the airport. When you charter a jet for your vacation you enjoy a tailor-made flying experience, and this starts even before takeoff. Tell your Private Aviation Advisor about your catering wishes. Enjoy champagne on-board your charter flights or order your favorite drinks and meals, the whole flight experience can be tailored when you fly private. On medium to long haul flights, a dedicated flight attendant can take care of your needs : from arranging your meals and special catering wishes to entertaining your children during the flight.

Private flights are also pet friendly. Your four legged friends deserve the comfort of a private plane cabin when flying private for the family holidays or weekend breaks. Ask your LunaJets Private Aviation Advisor to know what are the required documents and procedure, in order to bring your pet to destination.

3. Land closer to your destination

Business jets can land closer to your final destination compared to regular commercial aircraft. Heading to ski resorts this winter ? LunaJets has an extensive experience in organising private jet flights to the world’s renowed ski resorts. Our Private Aviation Advisors will find the closest airport so that you arrive at your destination in the best condition. For instance, to charter a Cessna Citation XLS from London to Chambéry for 6 people with luggages and skis, will cost you around €15,500 round trip if you stay a week at destination. Your Private Aviation Advisor will then organise your car or helicopter transfer to the resort or directly to your chalet or preferred hotel.

In summer, a private jet can bring you as close as possible to your final destination. Private jet services can reach regional airports not served by commercial airlines and we can organise your transfer to your villa or your yacht, by helicopter or car, depending on your needs.

From turboprops to airliners, for your gateways with friends or family, LunaJets can arrange your private jet hire at the best price for all your leisure flight needs. Get in touch with your Private Aviation Advisor and request a quote to find the best private jets for business or pleasure.