No to Bitcoin payment, LunaJets sticks to legitimate currencies

Despite the current excitement, Bitcoin's route ahead is likely to be turbulent. Far from being on a par with the euro, pound or U.S. dollar, the world's most popular cryptocurrency is susceptible to high price volatility and remains attractive to malefactors. 


At LunaJets we firmly believe in professionalism, transparency and honesty in everything we do. These are the values underpinning our decision not to accept Bitcoin as payment for our private aviation services.


Bitcoin's purchasing power undergoes drastic fluctuations making it difficult for clients to use it as a reliable currency. Also, subject to fraud and attacks, Bitcoin's reputation might be increasingly damaged over time and lead to it being marginalized or replaced by a superior cryptocurrency. This would hurt Bitcoin's value and leave the responsibility upon its loyal users. A potential situation we do not wish to encourage.


Finally, one of Bitcoin's greatest disadvantages is the absence of assistance to arbitrate disputes and the lack of policies regulating refunds or mistakes.


We like to assist our clients every step of the way, with honesty and transparency, the LunaJets' way.