Summer Olympic games, Tokyo

The leading international sport event that dates itself to the ancient times, in modern times takes place every four years. The summer Olympic games were first held in 1896 in Athens and until today it gathers about 200 nations from all over the world to share a passion for sport, set new records and stretch human potential to the infinity. Get in touch with LunaJets for the best prices on private jet charter to Summer Olympic games.

From one point to another in the history, forty two different sports were practiced at the Olympic games ranging between the fifty five different disciplines. At the last Games in 2012 a total of twenty six sports comprised the competition. Sport categories are ranging from athletics and gymnastics to volleyball and tennis, from badminton and judo to triathlon and wrestling, from golf to rugby. The unique atmosphere of those Olympic games gathers millions of people together. Everyone will find his or her favorite sport to cheer for.

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Tokyo, Japan

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Date: From Jul 17, 2030 to Jul 17, 2030


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