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LunaJets has access to a global network of more than 4,800 aircraft around the world, from Light Jets to Large Jets all the way to VIP airliners, our team of private aviation experts is dedicated to finding you the best aircraft options for your private flight needs.

Discover the different private jet models across the categories and manufacturers and compare the different aircraft characteristics with our exclusive Private Jet Comparator.

Charter a Fairchild Metro 23 Turboprop Airliner-26-289.9568034557235-1499
Fairchild Dornier Fairchild Metro 23
Speed:290 kts | 537 kmh
Range:1499 nm | 2776 km
Charter a Saab 340 Turboprop Airliner-30-271.0583153347732-910
Saab AB Saab 340
Speed:271 kts | 502 kmh
Range:910 nm | 1685 km
Charter a Dornier 328 Turboprop Regional Airliner-32-334.77321814254856-1000
Fairchild Dornier Dornier 328
Speed:335 kts | 620 kmh
Range:1000 nm | 1852 km
Charter a Boeing BBJ VIP Airliner-44-469.2224622030237-5380
Boeing BBJ
Speed:469 kts | 869 kmh
Range:5380 nm | 9964 km
Charter a Embraer ERJ 145 Regional Airliner-49-449.7840172786177-1550
Embraer ERJ 145
Speed:450 kts | 833 kmh
Range:1550 nm | 2871 km
Charter a Fokker 50 Turboprop Airliner-50-269.97840172786175-1110
Fokker Fokker 50
Speed:270 kts | 500 kmh
Range:1110 nm | 2056 km

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LunaJets developed a unique tool to compare private jets in order to help you choose the best aircraft for your private flight needs. Easily compare range, speed, seat capacity and other key specs between different aircraft models.

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