FBO stands for ‘Fixed Based Operator’. That said, what is it exactly?

Simply put, that’s the name given to airports’ private jet terminals. It sometimes refers to a separate building dedicated to private aviation only, and sometimes, to the VIP passenger lounge that smaller airports offer for private jet clients’ comfort within their main terminal.

Most passengers barely have time to see the FBO, as they quickly meet their captain and move on in direction of the airplane.

However, those who have more time available can enjoy the wide range of amenities offered by larger FBOs: luxury concierge services, on-demand catering, conference rooms and hotel accommodation, as well as specific services dedicated to passengers travelling with children or pets.

In addition to welcoming travellers with refreshments and taking care of their luggage, some FBOs also house aircraft and coordinate flight crew accommodation. Furthermore, they play the key role of providing aeronautical ground services such as refuelling or de-icing and sometimes aircraft maintenance.

Even though most FBOs present similar basic benefits for passengers and crew, namely complimentary refreshments and newspapers, Wi-Fi and lounge areas, the spectrum of services offered can differ considerably from one airport to another. While smaller airports usually have one, larger airports feature multiple FBOs allowing private jet travellers to specify their preference in order to use the FBO of their choice.

Ground transportation for passengers and crew can be coordinated by the FBO staff: in some cases clients are able to walk to their aircraft as it is usually parked directly outside the FBO; if it isn’t, they are brought to their private jet by car, and some clients choose to be driven with their own vehicle to the airstairs, ready to board the aircraft.

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